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Journey to the heart of the Studio La Boutique

Immerse yourself in the timeless world of Studio La Boutique, where every note resonates with the echo of memories and aspirations. Let yourself be carried away by the gentle murmur of wood, the benevolent mascot of our musical sanctuary.
In this enchanting trailer, discover the very essence of our studio, nestled in a natural setting of striking beauty. The vast spaces and state-of-the-art equipment blend harmoniously with the surrounding tranquility, offering a haven for artists in search of inspiration.
Let yourself be enchanted by the serenity that permeates every corner of Studio La Boutique, a place where dreams come to life and music finds its essence. Welcome to our haven of peace, where music and nature dance in perfect harmony.

Energy Moving: Drums and Bass Session

Immerse yourself in the heart of the action with our effervescent Drums and Bass session. In this captivating explosion of energy, instruments come to life before your amazed eyes, revealing the magic of music in motion.
Experience every drum beat, every bass pulse, as our talented performers launch into a frenzied improvisation. The hall resonates with a symphony of sounds, as the swirling rhythms sweep you along in a spellbinding dance.

Explore our services

We invite you on a captivating journey through recording, mixing, scoring and production. Each step is orchestrated with artisanal precision, revealing the magic that lies within each creation.

Behind the scenes of creation

Get ready to discover the secrets of our studio in this unique selection of videos. From intimate moments of creation to magical moments of performance, dive behind the scenes of music and be inspired by the creative process at work.




Percussion Africaine

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Splice NGONI